Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving after Marriage

I am married and live in Connecticut. Big Life Changes. I don't have any wedding photos to post yet (having sadly left the Wedding Picture CDs my Grandpa burned for me at my parent's house, but don't worry I'll be getting them this weekend), but I do have pictures of Connecticut! Additionally, I have a motley assortment of pictures I am going to proceed to dump all over this blog because I am lacking in subtlety and organization. Also, in lieu of a wedding photo here is a picture of Matt and I standing outside the Utah County Clerk's Office with our wedding license which is basically just as good. Exciting stuff.

After getting our wedding license we 


and then started driving across the country five days later. Utah, of course, was the prettiest state we drove through. (But honestly, how can you not love every bit of America in May?)

We stopped in North Platte, Nebraska. I thought of English 623 and the graduate school I had left behind.

We arrived in beautiful Springfield, Virginia to spend Sunday with my parents. I admired my beautiful husband, mother, and backyard.

Basically, Connecticut is very green. Matthew started work and got a nice ol' first day of work picture and I admired the chipping remains of my wedding pedicure. It's a little discombobulating to think how quickly life has swung from desperately planning a wedding and trying to write seminar papers to Connecticut, job searching, and marriage. But hey, that is life? Yes?

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