Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Motley Update

I'm the worst at blogging. But sometimes not only is it hard to find the time and motivation to blog, but once I even get up the gumption it becomes ridiculously hard to find something meaningful to say, or to write some interesting news update that isn't too boring, or too irrelevant, or too-much-like-I'm-trying-to-look-cool-and-interesting.  (Here I am with a unicorn in Connecticut! Totally relevant, interesting, and suave, no?)

So here's what's up.

I submitted my Thesis Prospectus. That is good. But I have not continued to work on it, which is BAD. The goal is to get a good, solid draft written before January. We'll see (and hope and pray). I'm writing on "Chastity as Strategy in Margaret Cavendish's Assaulted and Pursued Chastity and William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure." Boom?

Connecticut is purty.

I signed up for classes next semester with Matt which is CRAZY because it means our Connecticut sojourn is almost over. (Have we really been here for six months? No lo creo.) We're going to take beginning soccer together come Winter semester. Awww.

Purtiest part of Connecticut. 

I substitute teach now. And tutor. I am not good at classroom management. But I try. OH MY WORD do I try. And sometimes I cry.

I need to buy more socks because Fall is a-coming strong and my toes are always cold.

Here is a picture of a bee who does not yet know it is Fall-time. (I had to get my Canon all up his grill to shoot this. And use the macro setting. Exciting, exciting times.)

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